The most recent seizure occurred Monday at the Highway 16 traffic checkpoint. Hebbronville Agents observed a white pickup truck heading northbound make an abrupt u-turn prior to reaching the checkpoint. Agents observed the driver of the vehicle pull onto the south side of the road and exit the vehicle. The driver quickly jumped over a barbed wire fence and absconded into the brush. Agents saw several bundles of marijuana wrapped in cellophane in plain view inside the passenger seat and in the bed of the pickup truck. A total of 100 individually wrapped bundles of marijuana weighing a total of 620.7 lbs. valued at $496,560 were recovered from the truck. The second seizure occurred on Sept. 14 when Zapata Border Patrol Agents received a report of suspicious activity near La Perla  Farms property. Agents responded and located a flat-bottom boat near the riverbanks on the U.S. side. A Service K-9 alerted to the presence of  contraband in the area. Agents searched the area and recovered a total of thirteen bundles containing 33 separate bricks of marijuana wrapped in   cellophane. The total weight of the marijuana was 528 lbs. with an estimated value of $422,400. The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office took custody of the abandoned boat. 

The third seizure also occurred on Sept. 14 at the IH-35 traffic checkpoint when a white four door Mercury vehicle approached the checkpoint. While conducting an immigration inspection of the occupants of the vehicle, a Service K-9 alerted to the presence of people or contraband inside the vehicle. The vehicle was referred to secondary inspection. At secondary, Laredo North Agents discovered two bundles of marijuana inside the trunk of the vehicle. The marijuana totaling 44.7 lbs with an estimated value of $35,760, vehicle and driver were turned over to the DEA. The fourth seizure occurred on Friday, Sept. 12,  when Laredo South Agents responded to suspicious activity in Rio Bravo, Texas and encountered five subjects with black burlap bundles on the banks of the Rio Grande River. The Agents identified themselves and the subjects dropped the bundles and absconded to Mexico. Inside the sacks Agents recovered several bundles of marijuanaweighing 262.5 lbs with an estimated value of $210,000.

The marijuana was turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.