Jasso hopes to become equine veterinarian, Lopez to study engineering

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

Emilio Trinidad Jasso has had a lifelong love of working with animals, so for him the choice to become an equine veterinarian was rather obvious.

"I've been around horses as long as I can remember. My father is a jockey and my mother is a horse trainer. We have about nine horses. It's something that I'm used to and that I've grown up with and something that I've taken the time to learn in depth," Jasso said.

As the Valedictorian of Orange Grove High School, Emilio has a grade point average of 102.88. He is the son of Trinidad Jasso Jr. and Paula Jasso.

Jasso will attend MIT in Cambridge, Mass., and study either Biology and Microbiology, or dual major in Biology and Chemistry.

Afterward, he hopes to go to school for veterinary medicine and become an equine veterinarian. His goal is to open his own clinic in South Texas.

"A lot of people down here own horses, and there are very few clinics they can take them to that specialize in equine and larger animal veterinary. Now, with incoming government regulations, large animal veterinary is going to be a very lucrative business," Jasso said.

During high school, Jasso participated in FFA, UIL One Act Play, UIL Ready Writing, UIL Literary Criticism and FCCLA STAR Events. He was awarded second in state his freshman year in Ag Sales. His sophomore year, Jasso was a silver medalist at nationals. He's also been first in district in Ready Writing the last three years.

Jasso attributes his successes entirely to his parents.

"Because there's always been the incentive to do well, not to show off, which doesn't make you a better person. It's doing well, in my opinion, to make them happy," he said.

As for the other students coming up to OGHS, "I could give them the best advice in the world," Jasso said, "but it's up to them to listen. Sometimes it's better to just save your breath."

Joshua Lopez has always had an interest in anything having to do with research and technology.

"I just like math and science. They really interest me, and I want to go further in those fields of study," Lopez said of life after high school

As Orange Grove High School's Salutatorian, Lopez has a 102.59 grade point average, and will attend Texas A&M University-College Station to major in engineering. He is the son of Rick and Mari Lopez.

Lopez said the success he's had through the years came from the help of family and friends. Most of the time, Lopez was a self-motivated student, but he said he had to receive words of encouragement at times from his parents.

Lopez spent his time participating in many organizations such as band, FCCLA, Academic Club, Tech Club, Spanish Club FCA, Mu Alpha Theta and National Honors Society.

Lopez was also honored with numerous awards, including All American Scholar, National Society of High School Scholars, Regional Student of the Month from the U.S. Border Patrol, National Science Merit Award and National Math Merit Award.

The key he said is to never stop working toward your goals, and never procrastinate.

"I've been a victim of it too, that's why I can give it as advice. Just enjoy your time while sticking with your studies. Just don't slack off," Lopez said.