Four candidates: Saenz files for Pct. 1 Commissioner, hopes to continue where his dad left off

Photo by Ofelia Garcia Hunter

Saenz files for Pct. 1 Commissioner, hopes to continue where his dad left off

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Gilbert Saenz III, known to many as "Blackie" announced his candidacy for Precinct 1 Commissioner Monday as a result of experiencing problems with the sewer, road conditions and water lines on the street upon which he resides.

"They started the project several years ago and it's still not finished," Saenz said Monday at the Democrat Party headquarters.

"I wasn't getting any cooperation from the commissioner's office. I know it's a hard job…I've talked to residents in Tecolote and I didn't know there were so many complaints."

Saenz filed for the Precinct 1 Commissioner's race Monday after he said he was frustrated with sewer and water lines and grant houses in the area not being built up to code. Saenz has resided on Garza Street all of his life.

He said the sewer project on Garza Street has taken too long and he has been told it's because of funding.

"When it rains, an ambulance can't get in there or school buses," he said. "I took it personally, there is a lot of grant money out there, if the money ran out, we don't stop, we have to move forward."

He turned in 80 signatures to the Democratic Party and said that he has at least another 60 signatures as back up. The signatures allow Saenz to file without the normal $750 fee.

Saenz will oppose incumbent Commissioner Zenaida Sanchez during the Primary election in March.

Saenz's dad, Gilbert Saenz Jr., was on the ballot in 2004 before his death and he wants to continue advocating for residents of Precinct 1.

"It is a hard job for the commissioner, I give her credit, but I have different ideas," Saenz said. "I'm going to pick up where my dad left off."