Melissa Ash, Jim Wells County Correspondent

PREMONT - Communication will become more clear for local law enforcement and emergency personnel as an inter-local agreement between Jim Wells County and Premont was approved by the city.

The agreement allows the county to install an antenna on the top of the city's water storage tank, along with a repeater, for better communication.

Installing the antenna will not cost the city any money and the county will be responsible for its maintenance.

The antenna requires at least 150 feet of elevation to be able to function.

The antenna will solve the communication difficulties the area faces, officials said.

Many of the local officers are unable to communicate successfully because there is not enough communication ability in the area.

The antenna will not only solve the lack of communication law enforcement has been dealing with, but will also help local EMS and fire departments.

"This is a win-win situation for everyone," Mayor Mario Rodriguez said. "When you head south of Premont it is difficult to communicate. The handheld radios are not able to work and there is no solid communication network.

"This has been something the county has been working on for over 10 years, but unable to do because of the lack of funds. This enhancement helps everyone to be on the same page in case of an emergency and is a lot safer."