Robstown police executed a search and arrest warrant last week during a drug bust in which shots were fired by officers.

Police Chief Johnny Brown said the operation took place Nov. 16 after an anonymous tip alerted officers to drug activity taking place in the 1100 Block of Dakota Street.

When police arrived, they found a pit bull chained to the front porch, one of three the officers had been warned about beforehand. Brown said that when one of the officers moved to enter the home, the animal lunged at the officer in "an aggressive manner."

"Our entry point was to execute through the front door," Brown said. "One of the dogs came after one of our officers, so we had to disable him."

The dog was shot twice with a 12-gauge shotgun by officer Javier Aleman, Brown said, fatally wounding the animal.

After the shooting, officers entered the home and found 27-year-old April Molina in the kitchen and four kids, ranging in ages from 8 to 12 years old, in the living room. Brown said it appeared the woman seemed to grasp almost immediately what the officers were searching for.

"Of course, we showed her the warrant and told her, 'You know what we're here for, we're looking for the stuff,'" Brown said.

Molina told officers that her husband, Daniel Pruneda, was not home and had left prior to the arrival of the police. Brown said she then produced a key for a safe that held what the officers were searching for.

"She led us to the bedroom where the safe was located," Brown said. "The drugs were in the safe."

Officers found about 30 grams of heroin and cocaine, as well as methadone, in the safe.

Police said Molina then called Pruneda to inform him that police were at the home to arrest him. Shortly thereafter, Pruneda returned home and surrendered to officers without incident. Another man, 35-year-old Vicente Flores, was placed under arrest.

Molina was not charged or arrested, nor was Child Protective Services called regarding the safety of the children, Brown said, because three of the four children present at the time of the arrest were nephews. It also didn't appear that the children were in immediate danger, Brown said.

Pruneda and Flores were transported to the Nueces County Jail but are both currently free on bond. Pruneda is being charged with two counts of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance and one count of possession of a controlled substance. No information was available on Flores as of Monday.

Brown said because Pruneda was in a drug-free zone near Lotspeich Elementary, he may face additional punishment during the penalty phase of a trial.