San Diego - Sheriff Romeo Ramirez said they arrested two men and two women in connection with the Stardust robbery.

They are identified as Amber Lee Lazo, 22, Jessica Michelle Briones, 25, and Roel Ramirez, 27 and Andres Tunchez, 21.

"We did recover some evidence to tie the individuals to the case," said Sheriff Romeo Ramirez Saturday. "Everyone did a terrific job to pub the evidence together."

The game room Stardust on County Road 304 in Duval County has only been open a few weeks, but two masked suspects got away with a significant amount of cash early Wednesday morning in an armed robbery.

Witnesses saw two men wearing ski masks enter the building around midnight and approach the cashiers. The men, armed with handguns, demanded the cashiers turn over their money, possibly totaling more than $3,000.

A female employee was able to go out the back door and alert manager David Trigo about the robbery. Trigo saw the men walking towards their getaway vehicle, a Dodge Durango, with the two back doors open.

Trigo fired at the getaway vehicle. Sheriff Romeo Ramirez said they didn't know if Trigo hit the suspects, but casings at the scene indicated the manager at least hit the vehicle.

"I'm really concern with the safty of these patrons who attend these establishments," Ramirez said.