Rokhol to share donated items with his platoon

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Orange Grove Journal

For the men and women stationed in Iraq, Orange Grove teachers and students stepped up to do their part to help one of their own this week.

Justin Rokhol, a Marine stationed in the Anbar Province of Iraq, will be receiving several boxes of food and useful items soon, because of a grand display of Bulldog pride and compassion.

Orange Grove High School secretary Kim Rokhol was very surprised by the outpouring of support the effort received this week for her son.

"It's wonderful. It's really great," she said, as teachers and students sorted through a large pile of goodies set up in the main offices' conference room table.

"The boys appreciate it so much," Rokhol said.

Justin Rokhol plans on sharing the food and other items with the members of his platoon, many of whom have never received any packages from home.

"I thought it is a pretty cool thing for him to do," teacher Roxie Fine said. "We're all very close here, and we came together on this in sort of short notice to collect as much as we could to send to Justin."

Justin was told he would come back home sometime this fall. The students and teachers in Orange Grove just hope that these goodies will help carry Justin and his platoon through the long, hot summer in Iraq. Besides food products. like candies and chips, the group is also sending hygiene items and other small goods that will help make life in Iraq a little more bearable.