We hope you enjoyed your stay in Alice

Dear Sara Wilson:

Well, it's been two weeks since you resigned as assistant city manager, and we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on your time here.

It seems like just yesterday you accepted the job and moved your family down from Austin. Has it really been nine months?

A lot sure has happened since then!

In the time you were here, you saw the resignations of a city manager, a finance director, an airport manager and a public works director.

Then they appointed the director of human resources above you to be interim-city manager. Since then, the city has hired a new city manager and a new finance director, and we have a new city council.

Oh, and then that former interim-city manager and human resources director was "given the opportunity to resign" two weeks ago.

Now with you gone, it's amazing how few directors are left from the previous administration. While we respect the new city manager's decision to form his new team, the methods sure have been surprising.

But, alas, we still have our memories.

We'll never forget that time, back in April, when you wrote that letter requesting an investigation into possible misuse of funds by the interim-city manager and a council member.

You remember, don't you? The next day they moved you from your office in city hall to the ReCenter, seven blocks away, and said they'd call you if they needed you.

It sure was unfortunate the city realized they needed your office for the upcoming May elections.

Now that may have seemed strange, since almost every office on the first floor of city hall was empty at that time because the appraisal district had just moved to its new building, but you were a pretty good sport about the whole thing.

Besides, they said you had to oversee projects like the construction of new restrooms at P.S. Anderson Park. We hope they're able to get it finished without your direct supervision.

Then, just two weeks ago, the new city manager informed you that you didn't have the experience to do the job you have been doing since November, and told you he was transferring you to another department.

We're sorry you didn't accept that position of code enforcement officer they offered you.

It may have meant a $25,000 a year pay cut, but your master's degree in public administration might have come in handy while you were making sure everyone in town had their lawn cut to the right length!

Guess you thought it made more sense to accept the 90-day severance package and move on to other opportunities.

It's a good thing the city council voted Monday to approve the funds for that severance package the administration offered you, since you already accepted it and all.

Well, we know you may not have been here long, but we hope you enjoyed your stay in Alice.

We know that wherever life takes you, when you speak to others you will tell them the lesson you learned here - Alice is Buena Gente!


The Alice Echo-News Journal