National Night Out is a way to meet neighbors and network to curb crime in communities, Crime Stoppers coordinator Cpl. Michael Hinojosa said.

This year, National Night Out is Tuesday, Oct. 7.

“It’s a good time for neighbors in their communities to get together,” said Hinojosa, also with the Alice Police Department. “Law enforcement also wants to be part of that to know what’s going on and hear any concerns so that we can assist them.”

The Alice Housing Authority sponsors the National Night Out event at the Heritage Apartments on Olmito Street. The organization gives out free drinks and hot dogs for residents and their families. Along with the food, the fire department will have a fire unit on hand for free tours, and Crime Stoppers of South Texas board members will be handing out free pens and other promotional items.

Hinojosa encourages other neighborhoods to join forces against crime.

“If they are wanting to get together in their backyards and sponsor a National Night Out, they can call me and we will assist,” he said.

For information, contact Hinojosa at 460-1498 or the Crime Stoppers of South Texas status line at 701-4831.

“Even something as simple as to exchange phone numbers or assist each other when one is out of town or on vacation to keep an eye on each other’s homes,” Hinojosa said.

He said getting neighbors to just sit and talk about issues that affect their neighborhood  could put security and preventative measures in place.

Last year’s National Night Out campaign involved citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses, neighborhood organizations and local officials from more than 10,000 communities.