Rain delays could push the completion date of the New William Adams Middle School to January 2009, according to a presentation given this week by representatives with the architectural firm of LaMarr Womack & Associates.

The contracted completion date for the project is Nov. 20. As of this week, the project is 60 percent completed.

The contractor on the project has submitted a request for a time extension of 30 working days. Thirty working days are the equivalent of 42 calendar days, said Johnny White, a manager on the project. If the request were approved, that would push the expected date to the start of 2009, not counting possible rain delays that could arise between now and that date.

“Rains have continued to slow the progress of the exterior masonry work and the instillation of the new metal roof systems,” according to White’s report. “Work continues on the interior of the building at a rapid place.”

The school district and the City of Alice are still in discussions over the $899,684 worth of infrastructure work necessary around the new school structure, which city officials have said must be completed before a certificate of occupancy can be given.

City officials are sticking to the work division as outlined during the May joint meeting between the two entities, in which the city agreed to complete waterline work associated with the infrastructure improvements, while the school district agreed to handle road infrastructure improvements. Such a division would place the city’s portion of the improvements at somewhere near 15 percent of the total.

School district officials maintain that the split should be 60 percent by the district and 40 percent by the city, as referenced to during the joint meeting and specified in a letter from School Board President R. David Guerrero to Mayor Juan Rodriguez on July 18.

Guerrero points out in his letter that the “spirit and intent expressed,” both during the joint meeting and in communication both before and after the meeting maintained the same intent on a 60/40 split. The district calculated their portion to be $539,810, while they expected the city to agree to $359,873.

So far, nothing has been placed in writing and singed by both entities stating how they will address the $900,000 worth of improvements.

As the project nears completion, there is the possibility that the new William Adams will be completed before the surrounding infrastructure work is done. In which case, the students of WAMS will still be able to admire the structure, but only from afar.