Money also granted to golf, powerlifting

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

Internal Auditor, Pat Moore of San Antonio, presented a review of the 2005-2006 Financial Audit to Freer School Board members last Tuesday during a special meeting.

Moore maintained the school district is in good shape, saying the General Fund shows a current balance of $2.2 million, an increase of $257,000.

"There is about $3.7 million in current assets of which two-thirds is cash," he explained. "Total net assets were about $6.7 million. Everything overall looks to be in good shape."

Following discussion, the board unanimously approved the financial audit.

Freer Athletic Director Joseph Alvarado then approached the board requesting funds be allocated to be used for golf and powerlifting, saying both new sports are a benefit to the students.

"Last year, meals and entry fees were a large part of our expenses," he said. "There are about 26 on the teams."

Board member Saul Hinojosa said he thought the two new sports were to be at no cost to the district, a selling point made last year when the board approved to have them included in the athletic program.

"These sports are a great opportunity for kids to succeed for those that don't participate in football or basketball. I personally saw this happen when I worked with kids in powerlifting events before coming here," Superintendent Edgar Camacho said.

Alvarado said the students will attend three upcoming invitational meets, which will be good experience for them, stressing all monies received will be well spent.

After further discussion, members voted approval to allocate funds for golf and powerlifting needs.

Following a power-point presentation from architects Henry Munoz and Randy Hohlaus, the board unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the representatives of Kell Munoz Architects to continue to design development plans regarding the proposed additions and renovations of the school district's facilities.

The 21-month construction is tentatively scheduled to begin this August.

"We are working essentially on how we can create a campus that is special and hopefully will have some meaningful places within it that not only your students, but also your community can be proud of," Munoz told the board. "This project really works three-fold - elevating campuses into 21st century campuses, meeting criteria/standards of T.A.S.B. as well as promising to build something you're proud of."

Attending the meeting were Larry Robertson, Roy Salazar, Chris Lichtenberger, Calvin Evans, Mary Lou Garza, Edna Cantu, Hinojosa and Camacho.