Marisela Serenity Salles, the first New Year’s baby born on the second day of the year, was decked out with pink bunny slippers as she slept on her flowered pink blanket Friday.

“Her middle name comes from the Serenity Prayer,” said Marisela Ortiz Salles, her mother. “I would always read it during hard times.”

 Baby Marisela was born Friday at 8:33 a.m. at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice. She weighed 7-pounds 15-ounces and is 19 1/2 inches long. Baby Marisela will be welcomed home by seven siblings; three brothers, Trey Alaniz, Derek Carlos Ortiz and Jaime Alaniz Jr. and four sisters, Alyssa Josie Alaniz, Samantha Jaylin Alaniz, Cigi Priscilla Alaniz and Susana Lynn Self.

New Year’s baby Marisela’s parents are Marisela Ortiz Salles and Colley William Salles from Orange Grove. The grandparents are Julian Ortiz and Susie Almedia and Terri Salles from Victoria and Willard Salles Jr. from George West.

The baby’s dad said that his little girl would probably grow up to be a model.

“She’s America’s top model,” he said.

Baby Marisela has light complexion with rosy cheeks with green or hazel eyes like her father and light hair. She was wearing a pink outfit with pink bunny slippers wrapped in a pink blanket.

“I freaked out because she had a big head,” her mother Marisela said. “But she was one of the easier ones.”

The baby’s father said he was elated over his daughter’s birth.

“I was too excited,” he said.