Ofelia Garcia Hunter

Alice Echo-News Journal

Three police officers are resting at home this weekend as they suffered injuries during an armed robbery, police officials said.

Officer Daniel Elizondo was released from a Corpus Christi hospital Friday about 4 p.m.. He was shot on the right inner thigh during a shootout with one of the robbery suspects.

"Daniel Elizondo has been released…and he is in crutches," Police Chief Danny Bueno said. "They didn’t remove the bullet, the doctors decided it was better to leave it inthere."

Bueno said Tony Aguilar and J.R. Resendez, who were in a car crash as they lost control while chasing one of the bank robbers, are also at home. Aguilar has an overnight stay at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice with lower back inflamation of a lower disc, Bueno said. And Resendez was treated for chest and facial injuries from the impact of the crash.

"The officers all feel very optimistic," Bueno said. "We want them to heal and feel better before they come back to work."

Bueno said Elizondo is in administrative leave with pay and Aguilar and Resendez are on medical leave. He said he didn’t know when the officers would be returning to work.

Bueno said the officers and his staff worked diligently as a team and the support of other law enforcement and the community was overwhelming.

"The support has been excellent from the community," he said.

Bueno said city officials and the council supported his officers and he received calls from Mayor Juan Rodriguez that showed his concern.

He said that the Corpus Christi police also was supportive of his officers and their families.

CCPD took up the tab for Elizondo’s family for housing, food and even bought toys for his children. Corpus Christi Chief Bryan Smith gave Elizondo’s family a credit card to use as needed during their stay in Corpus Christi, Alice police staff said.

And the CCPD met the Elizondo family in Robstown and escorted them to the hospital in Corpus Christi where Officer Elizondo was being treated.

Bueno said everyone came together as a family.

"We will continue to make calls to the families during the weekend to check on them to see if they need anything," Bueno said. "It was a hectic day (Thursday), but we are a family here and we worked very closely."