After a Primary Election in March that narrowed a field of four candidates to two, Republicans had to wait a month for a Run-off Election in the race for the District 27 House of Representatives nomination. On Tuesday, they had to wait again, with the winner of the race in doubt until the final ballots were counted.

In the end, Blake Farenthold narrowly defeated early front-runner James Duerr, earning 3,930 (53.21 percent) votes to Duerr's 3,456 (46.79 percent.)

Following the announcement Tuesday night, Farenthold thanked his supporters.

"I'm really excited the voters chose me," Farenthold said. "I'm grateful to my family and friends who stepped up."

In November, Farenthold will face incumbent Solomon Ortiz, who has held the position for nearly three decades. Although he was pleased with his victory Tuesday, Farenthold said the real test will come in the fall.

"This was just the skirmish," Farenthold said. "The real battle is against Solomon in November.

With a difficult primary race behind him, Farenthold said his focus now will be on connecting with voters who have traditionally not voted Republican, or who have not voted at all.

"Rather than try to convince Republicans that I'm the person they need to vote for, I'm going to be taking the message to Democrats that not just me, but the Republican Party as a whole, better represents the values they grew up with," Farenthold said.

Early in the night, it appeared Duerr might repeat his performance in March, when he was the top vote-getter of the four Republicans in the field. Duerr held a lead of 51.42 percent to Farenthold's 48.58 percent following early voting, but could not hang on.

Duerr also thanked his supporters Tuesday and said he was proud of his campaign.

"I'm just proud of my family, friends and supporters. This is what America's all about. We all came together and fought for what we believe in," Duerr said.

Duerr said he planned to continue his work on the Del Mar College Board of Regents and, despite an often contentious primary, said he would support Farenthold in his bid against Ortiz.

"I will continue to work for District 27. I wish Blake Farenthold all the best. It's time for us to start replacing some people in Congress," Duerr said. "I'm a man of my word, and encourage my supporters to work with him. I'll share my information with him, and we'll work together."