Residents living on Kempe Street said they are fed up with commercial trucks crossing through residential streets that have left the street with large pot holes. On Tuesday, a busted water line spewed water over the road.

“We are fed up, they have service trucks coming in,” said Butch Rodriguez, a resident. “They have too much traffic on this street. We are still having problems and they don’t want to abide.”

Residents said they have called police and city officials, but no one is taking care of the problem.

According to the city ordinance, no commercial trucks are allowed on the road.

Kempe street has two large signs warning commercial vehicles that trucks are not allowed on the residential street. But residents said heavy trucks continue to use the street and choose not to obey the signs.

“The damage to this street has been done,” Rodriguez said. “One of these days someone is going to be hurt. I’m concerned about little kids getting hurt.”

Residents said the 18-wheelers have taken down power lines and continue to damage their street. On Tuesday, a water line was broken and the street pavement was lifted. Residents claim it was from the heavy trucks that pass through at all hours of the day and night.

“Sometimes at three or four in the morning,” he said. “We are just getting tired.”