About 100 homeowners packed the appraisal district meeting room and part of the hallway as they all came for one reason – show their concern on their properties increasing anywhere from 100 to 900 percent in valuation.

After hearing from about 20 residents who own commercial and residential property, the appraisal district board reset the meeting to 5:30 p.m. Monday at the old Wells Fargo building fourth floor to allow more people to talk and have a larger venue.

“I just sold a house and the lot was sold for $30,000, so why is mine $100,000 more?” Gilbert Aguirre, business owner said. “It's a mistake obviously.”

“My house is valued at $33,000 and it jumped to $75,000 and there have been no improvements done in that whole block,” resident Jessica Willie said. “I would like to know a reason as to why it jumped so much in such little time?”

“Reserve all these increases to back last years I think we probably all would be all satisfied,” said Jack Kennemer, business owner. “Just because we have the Eagle Ford Shale doesn't mean all of us can take advantage it, we are all on the outside looking in.”

He said one example was a metal building on second street, which is boarded up and vacant with broken windows and no electricity. It increased $150,000 in property valuation.

All who spoke at the special meeting echoed the same concerns.

Chief Appraisal Sidney Vela encouraged all the property owners to call the office and ask for a re-evaluation.

“We are appraising large amounts of property in a short time,” Vela told those in attendance. “Please call the district office. We are willing to go back and re-look at the property. We don't want to gouge anyone.”

Vela said homeowners have 30 days to appeal or file a protest if they don't agree with their appraisal.