A new energy management system that was being installed around the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District is on hold after school officials decided to replace the entire high school roof and replace aging air conditioning units.

The school district had been working to have a $2.6 million energy automation system installed in all of its schools that would allow for better control of energy during inactive periods, such as after school or during a semester break. However, it was recently revealed that the contractor would need to put that project on hold to replace the whole roof at the high school, as well as adding nearly 30 new air conditioning units.

"Basically, we had to stop (the TAC) project so they could do (the roof) project so we don't get charged twice," Superintendent Cornelio Gonzalez said.

The district currently has about $2.1 million available for the roof upgrade project from its 2006 Series bond funds, but there is no estimate as of yet as to how much it will cost. The air conditioning work alone has a price tag of $860,000, which doesn't include the cost for sensor work that will have to be done by TAC once they are installed.

Trustees Monday approved advertising for competitive sealed bids Feb. 7 and 8, with a cutoff date of Feb. 24. School officials said work may begin in June, but added it will take 10 to 12 weeks for the air conditioning units to arrive once they are ordered.

Summer classes at the high school are now in question as well, since the work is expected to take 6 months to complete, during which air conditioning may not be available.