Students' short films on display tonight at AHS

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

Looking for the next famous director such as Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen or Alfred Hitchcock?

Look no further, the Alice High School film students are sponsoring Film Festival 2007 today at 6:30 p.m. at the Theatre for the Performing Arts Auditorium.

Ten film students will show their creative film work tonight. The audience can expect to see a glimpse of music videos, "me" movies or autobiography films, documentaries and mini-movies.

Topics range from issues such as drunk driving, relationships, teen pregnancy and homelessness. Darlene Totten teaches the class. A total of 25 three- to five-minute films will be presented. The cost of the festival is $2.

Michael Joiner, 17, a first-year film student, will debut his public service announcement clip on procrastination entitled, "Procrastination is Bad."

"I kind of had one of my friends procrastinate and it shows the effects of what happens when you procrastinate," Joiner said.

Joiner was busy Monday morning combining all of the films onto one compact disc to make it easier to present at the Film Festival tonight.

Cady Harris, 16, said her dream job is to become a music video director. Her short film is "Disconnect," that deals with a lover's relationship. She used the Anderson Park as a backdrop to her film.

"I got two of my friends that played the lovers, it was basically the boy reminiscing," Harris said. "I really like it…it's hard work, but when you see the reaction from the people, that's the best part."

Harris said the class has opened opportunities to her future.

Sary Rodriguez, whose family is from Mexico, said she decided on a documentary named "The Spanish Language," about her culture. Her film is about the advantages of being bilingual.

"I thought it would be good to do a documentary about my first language," Rodriguez, a junior, said. "Both of my parents speak English, but we speak Spanish at my house. I was trying to show that when you are bilingual, it opens lots of opportunities for you."

Rodriguez said she enjoys working in film, but it's more of a hobby for her.

Myles Beltran worked on a "one shot" movie, which is produced as it's filming, with no editing. He, along with Rodriguez and Aeneva Flores, worked on the film.

Myles said working on a "one shot" movie can be a challenge.

"You have to be creative to make the transition to not stop the film," he said. "You have to have focused actors."

Myles said he would like to make a career in the film industry.

"I plan to go to a film school and maybe get an internship with a company and get into the business like that," he said.

Tyler Delaune, 16, is the Master of Ceremonies for the film festival and is presenting his music video he calls, "Confused but Understanding."

"You can expect to see some amateur video because it's my first semester," Delaune said.

"I've been waiting to get in this class."