Agua Dulce Independent School District Board of trustees discussed a salary benefits schedule for district employees during a regularly scheduled school board meeting last week.

ADISD Superintendent Donna Hilliard said the district, like many others across the state, can't pass anything at this time because they don't know what direction the state legislature will take when it comes to school funding at this point.

"We gave the best case scenario with what we are shooting for. The board agreed with that, but didn't adopt anything. They gave us the go-ahead to begin the budget, pending the legislature's decision," Hilliard said.

Hilliard stressed that the district is trying not to lose personnel. She said that with every position that opens up, the school district works to find the best person for that spot. Currently, the district has full-time openings for a coaching position, as well as an agricultural science teacher position. A part-time after school program position is also open. She reiterated the district is not closing positions.

"We're holding strong there. We are looking to continue the step increases, which are required for the teachers. We are looking to give our auxiliary staff a three to four percent increase to their salary," Hilliard said. "We are looking to hold the same benefits we had last year. We pay for HALO Flight and have a small life insurance. We also have a long term disability, and also pay $25 towards their (employees) medical insurance. Those are all the same things we are hoping to do."

The district also recently sent out letters of reasonable assurance to all hourly employees. Hourly employees are considered at-will employees and as such can leave or be let go at any time. The letter, which Hilliard said is a form letter the district sends out every year, Hilliard said, informs those employees that the district is doing everything they can to offer them a job in August.

"This is a practice we have followed for years," Hilliard said.