Figures reported for July

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

Parts of Duval County received nearly nine inches of total rainfall last month, according to reports from the Corpus Christi National Weather Service.

Official records show Freer received approximately 2.44 inches of rain and Benavides received about 8.52 inches during the month of July.

Also, recorded as the wettest day of the month was July 24, during which Freer received about almost an inch and Benavides received a little more than two inches of rain.

Figures are computed after receiving daily reports from volunteers, who are referred to as cooperative observers who are living in the smaller communities, according to the weather service.

"Each day, they record the amount and send it to us and then we calculate the total amount for the month," said a forecast spokesperson during a phone interview. "Amounts can be deceiving to some people. For example, it could be pouring in town but dry and clear in other places where the observer is located and that's the figure that's being recorded."

Currently, information being supplied from Duval County is reported by volunteers from the communities of Freer and Benavides only.

In other counties, records show for the month of July, Jim Wells received 17.38 inches of rain.