Pictured: Todd Brendalen, an architect for LaMarr Womack and Associates reviews the final plans for the new William Adams Middle School with AISD board members. Photo by MAURICIO JULIAN CUELLAR JR.

Decision on bid proposals to be made June 19

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

After reviewing the final construction plans with project architect LaMarr Womack and associate Todd Brendalen, Alice ISD School Board members approved the project's plans and gave their permission to solicit competitive sealed proposals for the new William Adams Middle School.

Womack said the project could cost between $19 and $20 million, which includes the $910,000 worth of additions the city requested for the district to make on the construction project.

Superintendent Henry Herrera said the district is still in discussions with the city on the amount. It is unknown at this time how much the city will pay of the $910,000 amount.

The project includes 135,000 square feet of construction and will be accomplished in several phases.

Much of the demolition to the old gym, the football field and the concession stand has already taken place.

The fencing used in that area will remain up, to close off access to the construction site. The fencing will extend around the field area and beside the existing gym and band hall.

The final phase of the project, which has been estimated to take anywhere from 15 to 18 months, will be the transfer to the new school, and the demolition of the old WAMS, to make way for additional parking and a football field.

The bid process will take two weeks, and the board will open bids June 12.

Womack said the competitive sealed proposal process gives the district the opportunity to negotiate before signing a contract on the project.

The proposals will be evaluated based on project specifications, and the information will be presented for a decision to be made on June 19.

Also under action items, the board approved the bid of Double O Electric for the removal and relocation of the concrete light standards from WAMS to Alice High School.

The decision was based on the past experience Double O had with such projects in Kingsville. The base bid from Double O was for $36,000. In the bid, they gave a time frame of two weeks to start and five to seven days to complete.

The trustee election results were canvassed Monday night, with two additional provisional votes counted for the recent school board election.

The two ballots were labeled provisional because at the time of the election, the two voters requested ballots by mail, but failed to return them by election day, and were allowed to vote in the election last Saturday. Their ballots were held as provisional until records could be checked on Monday to make sure their ballots did not come in to the district.

Both provisional ballots came from the Alice Public Library voting location. The two ballots added votes to R. David Guerrero, David Johnson, Servando Garza Jr. and Lee S. Ramon.

The final totals for the election, approved during the canvassing of the votes are:

Place 4, R. David Guerrero with 1,703 votes and David Johnson with 1,171 votes. Place 5, Garza had 685 votes, Ramon had 1,649 and Ricardo C. Gonzalez had 492 votes.

The board declared Guerrero and Ramon the winners of the school board election. The board members will be sworn in during a special meeting on May 22.