Several residents wearing blue T-shirts participated in the 25-mile prayer walk Thursday as they stopped at different institutions and prayed over the buildings and its occupants.

Each shirt worn by those walking stated, “Taking Alice For Jesus Christ.”

Those that prayed over the Department of Public Safety building stopped on Front Street and raised their hands to pray. The prayer walk will go by city and county buildings, hospitals and churches as residents pray for the well-being of the city.  Over  three days, the walks began at 8 a.m. and each day the residents will walk for about eight miles to complete the 25 miles by Friday.

The prayer walk began on Wednesday and will end on Friday at the Anderson Park pavilion. A citywide prayer after the walk will take place at the pavilion with pastors from the area praying for the city, officials, law enforcement officers, teachers, principals and administrators.

The prayer session is open to everyone and a special invitation is extended to all city and county officials.