DA Garza trying case against Garza

Christopher Maher, Alice Echo-News Journal

Jury selection began today in the trial of Alejandro Garza Jr., one of four men charged with the Jan. 2, 2006 murder of Javier Sanchez.

Garza was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Laredo on June 29, 2006. He was indicted for capital murder by a Jim Wells County grand jury in July 2006.

Adam Poncio, an attorney from San Antonio, is representing Garza, and the lead prosecutor in the case is District Attorney Joe Frank Garza.

Garza is one of four men who have been arrested and indicted in the murder case.

The other three men are Alonzo Gonzalez, Alfred Gonzales and James Dennis.

Dennis was the most recent suspect to be indicted, with a grand jury returning a capital murder indictment on May 10.

The body of Sanchez, 20, was found in a ditch on County Road 247 near six bridges road the morning of Jan. 2.

Sanchez reportedly was wearing only shorts and tennis shoes, and had been shot three times in the head and twice in the upper torso.

Preliminary autopsy results also reportedly showed Sanchez was shot at a separate location before he was taken to County Road 247.