Delgado works as a bailiff

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Constable candidate Hector Delgado said he is prepared to be a dedicated and conscientious law man for the residents of Alice, Ben Bolt, Palito Blanco and Green Acres. He is firm in his commitment to public service and said there is still much work to be done both in the Justice of the Peace court and on the roads of Precinct 6.

Delgado is a lifelong resident of Alice, with property in the Palito Blanco area. His law enforcement experience stretches back to his time with the sheriff's department in the 1970s.

He was a certified peace officer then, and said that he can easily be recertified should he be elected. For the last four and a half years, Delgado has worked as a bailiff in the 79th District Court.

During that time, besides handling some paperwork, Delgado also manages security during jury selection for the court.

He and his wife Alma have three grown children. Delgado said if elected, he's prepared to work.

"All I've done my whole life is work, it's all I know how to do," Delgado said.

Along with his duties to the District Court, Delgado is also self-employed, both as a rancher and as a professional horse trainer, which he's done most of his life.

"All I have to say is if elected, I will be available and willing. I'm a dependable person," he said. "If elected Constable of Precinct 6, I will serve that office with a good attitude toward public service and commitment to the work that has to be done in that precinct.

"I will make it a priority to be available at the school crossing twice a day, since our young children need to be protected.

"I will work with Judge (Jose) Rodriguez in an effective and conscientious manner. I will be respectful and courteous to everyone and will always take time to answer questions."

Delgado said there are changes that need to be made.

"Of course it's hard sometimes to be at two places at one time, but we try our best. I'm not criticizing anyone but I see areas that need to be improved, and I plan on working together as a team with the Sheriff's Department and DPS, when needed, to get things done," Delgado said.

Since his children are already grown, Delgado said he has the time to give the necessary dedication and attention to the office of constable.

"As a constable, your job is to be there, to be active in the precinct, and serve the public," Delgado said. "I'll be dedicated in my service to both the public and the county, that's the type of person I am."

As a bailiff, Delgado is accustomed to serving the court during the day and handling security. He said much of that knowledge and experience could be applicable to the position of constable, whose main duties are that of JP court.

Delgado said he is eager to work with the JP and the parents of truant students as part of his constable work in the truancy court.

He said things are changing, both with the position of constable and with the added duties involving truancy.

He intends to make his primary focus the work of the JP court, as a constable who will serve papers and work the responsibilities of the court process.

"That doesn't mean I won't be there for other law enforcement agencies, such as the sheriff's department or DPS when I'm called. If they need help, I will be there."