More than 50 positions in the Calallen Independent School District have been cut through attrition, according to school officials, which has helped prepare the district for possible large budget cuts from the state legislature next year.

CISD Deputy Superintendent for Administrative and Human Resources Patrick Romero said a total of 27 certified and 25 non-certified personnel have been removed from the district over the past three years through the process of attrition. That means a program was either cut or teachers left the district on their own accord and were never replaced.

"With the non-certified people, a lot of them were let go," Romero said.

The cuts were discussed during a regularly scheduled school board meeting on April 11. Although an accurate amount to be cut from the district depends on the state legislature's decision on educational funding, Calallen ISD officials believe the cuts could be well over $1 million from next year's district budget.

Romero said the school district is targeting 12 total certified and non-certified positions for next year. These positions will not be refilled, Romero said.

"Some are retiring. Some are moving away. Some have found jobs elsewhere. These positions are spread out throughout the entire district," Romero said.

Student-teacher ratios are not expected to be affected, Romeo said, since with teachers lost in elective areas, their work is absorbed by other elective area teachers. Those situations occur where student numbers are low, Romero said.

"What we've done in the last few years has put us in good shape reguarding all the cuts we have made. They were not all through attrition, obviously. We left it up to the administration," Romero said.