A Jim Wells County Deputy was arrested by Alice police this weekend for allegedly driving while intoxicated, after he was found weaving in and out of a turning lane, according to a police report.

Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Deputy Rey Escamilla was heading southbound early Sunday morning in the 1100 block of North Johnson when a police officer heading in the opposite direction noticed Escamilla travelling in the turning lane.

As the officer’s car closed the gap with Escamilla, he noticed the lights of the car weave back into the left lane and then back into the turning lane, according to the report. The police officer, Enrique Saenz, then turned his patrol car to follow and observe the driver.

As both cars were traveling south, Saenz said he noticed Escamilla’s car begin to accelerate.

As Saenz watched the taillights of the vehicle, Escamilla’s car weaved once again into the right lane and then back to the left lane. The officer continued to close the gap as they approached the intersection of Third and Johnson streets, when Escamilla stopped at a red light one-car length from the traffic light. Escamilla then sped off at the green light, according to the report, and continued to weave, at which point Escamilla’s vehicle almost drove onto a small island at the intersection of Main and Johnson streets.

The officer utilized his emergency lights at that point to stop the vehicle. As he made contact with the suspect, Saenz noticed that it was Escamilla at the wheel.

When told that he had been weaving in and out of lanes, Escamilla apologized and asked Saenz to help him out and follow him home, according to the report.

Saenz waited for backup to arrive. Once Sgt. Matt Cooke was at the scene, Saenz asked Escamilla if he had been drinking. Escamilla said he had a few beers, according to the report. Saenz detected a strong odor of alcohol on Escamilla’s breath and noticed his speech was slurred, the report stated. Escamilla agreed to a sobriety test, but when asked to follow Saenz’s pen with his eyes only, Escamilla repeatedly followed it with his entire head.

“In every step of the test, he moved his head, therefore I stopped the test,” Saenz said in the report.

When asked to do a one-legged stance, Escamilla raised his leg and quickly put it down, advising he could not do the test. Saenz then demonstrated the walk and turn test for Escamilla, who did not follow orders as explained, according to the officer’s report.

“He (Escamilla) was unable to complete the test as he broke off and approached Sgt. Cooke and asked for help,” Saenz said in the report. Escamilla was asked to take a breathalyzer test, but he declined, the report said. He was then placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to the Jim Wells County jail.

Escamilla was arrested for DWI first offense and issued a $250 surety bond by Pct. 6 Justice of the Peace Jose Rodriguez, according to correctional officers at the jail Sunday morning.