No citation will be issued in connection with a controlled burn that spread over 20 acres near County Road 34 on Friday.

The Robstown Fire Department and Annaville Volunteer Fire Department worked for six hours Friday to extinguish the controlled burn, which threatened to jump the fence line to the adjacent property, where Thomas Energy Service is located, half a mile west of U.S. Highway 77.

Local resident Gene Berry called in the fire, which began as a small agricultural burn on Friday morning, shortly after 9 a.m. Robstown Fire Chief Richard Gonzalez said the department was contacted to come out to the property, as the fire had spread beyond the original control area, burning tall, dry grass spread throughout the 20-acre property.

Gonzalez said the burn boundary was the fence line at County Road 34, and Robstown firefighters, along with mutual aide provided by Annaville volunteer firefighters, were able to contain the blaze to within that fence line.

The blaze consumed the entire 20-acre property, firefighters said. No injuries were reported.