It was a morning under the big top at St. Elizabeth School as students and parents filled the cafeteria Friday for the school’s annual K-4 circus show.

“We’ve been doing (the show) for probably 20 years,” K-4 teacher Cindy Bunch said. “Same costumes, same music, but with every group of kids it turns out differently.”

During the show, the kindergarten students performed several acts dressed as lions, clowns, elephants, strong men and other circus entertainers.

Bunch served as ringmaster for the show, with P.E. coach Dolly Kelley assisting as a clown and teacher aide Melinda Gonzales as a lion tamer.

Bunch said the show is part of the class studying about animals and their habitats.

“We talk about all different kinds of animals during the lessons,” she said. “Where they come from, the foods they eat, and (the students) just soak it all in. We do it through play and it really stays with them.”