Pictured: Nine teenagers in the Perfect Role Model program Wednesday participated in a blindfold activity to teach them about a parent's role. Dr. Rito Silva assisted in the activity. Photo by OFELIA GARCIA HUNTER

Christian Women's Job Corps hosting six-week program

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

The Perfect Role Models program is in its preliminary stage as nine teenagers, along with volunteers, join forces to promote sisterhood.

The Perfect Role Models program's purpose is to impact girls ages 12 to 18 by providing them the tools they need for better communication and a deeper love and respect for one another, organizer Lily Cash said.

For the first year, the program has room for about 15 to 20 girls. To meet expenses, the Christian Women's Job Corps program is helping to fund the program.

"I like that we are open with each other, it's like a sisterhood," 12-year-old Erika Charles said. "What I'm hoping to get out of it is to be more open with others and make more friends."

The girls participated in an activity Wednesday during which they were blindfolded and an adult guided them to a designated area with other girls carrying signs that read violence, respect, bad grades, smoking, friendly and cooperative.

Joy Cash, 13, said the activity helped her understand how parents guide their children in real life.

"Your parents will guide you the right way even if you feel blindfolded - like the game," she said.

Joy said she enjoys the program because the girls talk about girl issues.

"Our hope is to help our youth develop a genuine admiration and respect for those in authority over them, not only parents but within the community as well," Cash said.

The program will run through July 27 and will meet every Monday and Wednesday from 1 to 5 p.m.

The summer program will teach the girls about life choices and other skills such as sewing, cooking, scrapbooking and expressed interests such as modeling, writing and speaking in front of people.

Participants will also be conducting fundraisers to raise more money for the program.

Some of the ideas the girls brainstormed on Wednesday were having a lemonade stand and putting together a style show for the community.

Cash said businesses would be asked to help in the style show by providing the clothing and other donations. Any business wanting to help can contact Cash at 396-0011.

The six-week program will be full of fun activities, organizers said.

"I thought instead of laying around and doing nothing, I would join the program," 14-year-old Christina Lopez said. "So far, we have been doing fun things."

Kassandra Monsevais, another member, agreed.

"I've learned how to speak up and say my mind," she said. "I want to learn how to cook and how to sew, and I think the modeling thing will be fun."