In thanks for their hard work, Freer ISD Board of Trustees were given a variety of gifts as tokens of appreciation by students and administration staff during last Monday’s regular monthly meeting.

In commemoration of Texas School Board Recognition Month, superintendent Alberto Gonzales read Gov. Rick Perry’s official proclamation prior to the presentations.

Elementary principal France Perez read the following poem entitled, “What Mattered,” to the board:

One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove,

what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in my bank account, nor what my clothes looked like, but the world may be a little better if I was important in the life of a child.

A framed copy of the poem as well as the biography of each board member was given to each by elementary students.

Perez said, “I would personally like to thank you for your leadership. You do a tremendous job for our community, our students, our staff and I really appreciate all that you do for us.”

Afterward, Milton Navarro spoke on behalf of the parents of the elementary students.

 “Some of you were an influence in my life, and are that in the life of my children,” he said in part.

We thank you for the great job you have done, and that you will do in the future, Navarro said.

PTO president Linda Hinojosa passed gift cards out to the board, in appreciation of their dedication to the school district.

Junior High Student Council members then read an original poem by Kayla Rios entitled, “A Poem of Thanks,” and presented a framed copy to each.

High school principal Maribel Perez then approached the board.

“It’s so nice to come to a place everyday where people greet each other, know each other by first names. It’s really very comforting. I always feel really good when I come here. Everyone really appreciates one another,” she said.

 “We respect you, are very honored to be under your realm of safety and love, and all that you do to make sure that Freer ISD is the best.”

Student representatives of the FTA, Student Council and National Honor Society then gave presentations.

High school band students played special musical selections for the board, which were followed by cheers of thanks from the high school and junior high cheerleaders.

 “Every hour that we have spent working has been worth it,” said president Edna Cantu. “It makes us proud-thank you all so much.”

Afterward, Randy Hohlaus of Kell Munoz gave a construction status report regarding the ongoing campus renovations and additions work.

“We’re on schedule,” he said. “We have completed the instruction document package for phase three, which will be follow up work for the summer.”

We will enter into pricing, and evaluation and try to identify the parts that need to be done early, he said.

Omar Salinas of Fulton Coast/Con Construction followed with a slide photo presentation. Construction of the new gym and high school are still currently in progress, he noted.

“Electrical is being installed in the south wing of the high school, with glass being installed in the main corridor,” he reported.

Columns are also being completed in the lobby area as well.

“Duct work is being done in the annex, and work at the track has also begun,” he said.

Time of completion of the new annex, high school, and new gym is estimated to be about mid-July, he concluded.

Following discussion, board members unanimously approved to support the final draft of the high school and junior high cheerleading constitution.

The state assessment test security policy and the pre-kindergarten resolution were approved unanimously following a review.

After meeting in closed executive session, the board voted to accept the superintendent’s contract, and to extend it an additional year.

“We thank you for doing an outstanding job,” president Edna Cantu told Gonzales.

The allowance of research study days as requested by the superintendent was approved by the board.

Donations of $40 from Gary Bouck and $2,000 from the Athletic Booster Club to be donated to the athletic department were accepted.

The superintendent also approved the submitted resignation of Dolores Bazan.