Michael Chartier, The Premont Journal

Other items were on the agenda besides budget talks at the most recent Premont ISD school board meeting, including changing the meeting day from Wednesday to Monday.

Board member Naida Martinez put in the agenda item for change noting Wednesday church functions among her reasons. There was some opposition and discussion to the proposed meeting date, which takes place once a month, due to possible school events, holidays, weekends and Monday Night Football.

Superintendent David Garza recommended a trial period before the board ultimately decided to vote for the change for the '07-'08 school year. Board members Mark Cantu and Carmela Garcia were opposed to the change.

Also, Garza said five defibulators were bought for the school district with two more on the way. He noted that each school and athletic events were prime locations for the defibulators. Defibulators are used for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and statistics show that they should be used within five minutes of SCA.

However, only one in 20 survive SCA, largely due to a defibulator not arriving in time. Garza said on Aug. 20, an in-service day, all staff will learn how to use the medical equipment.

"I want everybody trained," Garza said.

Garza also noted that CPR training will be incorporated with the defibulator training program.

Finally, updates on student dress code, handbooks and code of conduct was tabled with Garza's recommendation as he wants to have the district's principals present for the discussion.