Pictured: Jim Williams, with the Texas Association of School Boards, conducted a local policy audit seminar for Agua Dulce ISD board members during Monday night's meeting. MAURICIO JULIAN CUELLAR JR.

Audit approved at Monday's meeting

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

Agua Dulce Independent School District was found to be a fiscally sound district following its district audit report for fiscal year 2006-2007 during Monday night's school board meeting.

Tommy Strealy, of Gowland, Strealy, Morales & Company, was hired by the district to perform the yearly audit.

According to the analysis of the audit, the district's combined net assets were $2,791,332 on Aug. 31, 2007.

As part of the audit, Strealy's responsibility was to plan and perform an audit to obtain reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free of errors and are fairly represented in accordance with accepted accounting principles, which was accomplished in this year's audit.

The board members then approved the audit as presented by Strealy.

The board then conducted a Texas Association of School Board Local Policy Audit Seminar, conducted by Jim Williams with the Texas Association of School Boards.

Williams spent the day on Monday reviewing local board policy, to prepare a presentation to the board concerning the fundamentals of policy.

Williams conducted a comprehensive manual audit, along with superintendent Donna Hilliard, and looked over every local policy the board had and the administrator made recommendations to Williams.

"The process is designed to look at if there are any compliance areas of the manual that are not filled," Williams said.

"Most of them were. The other area we look at is to see if the policy met the practice, and that's where the majority of the discussion today was about."

Williams will take those recommendations, and if TASB fulfills all of the district's compliance gaps, and they get the policy to reflect exactly how the district operates, the outcome will be a pristine manual, which Williams said is what the process is geared toward.

The administrative findings will be summarized in a narrative document, including the text of the policy being analyzed. This document will be submitted to the board in approximately eight weeks, Williams said.

"You will take that into the extent that you see fit as a board, adopt it and send it back to me, and hopefully the outcome will be a pristine manual."

Following Williams' training course on the fundamentals of policy, Hilliard then passed out the TASB based Superintendent Evaluation forms as well as her own self-evaluation for the board members to consider between now and the next board meeting later this month.

Board members will meet to discuss Hilliard's evaluation at that time.