Criminal mischief was reported to the Alice Police Department Wednesday morning after a woman allegedly discovered the rear window of her vehicle had been broken with a sledgehammer.

According to the report, at 7:25 a.m. Wednesday Officer Jose Rodriguez was dispatched to the 900 block of Avenue C in reference to the incident. He made contact with Robin Whitley who advised that about 15 minutes prior to his arrival she discovered the rear window to her gray 2007 Chevy Silverado had been broken with a sledgehammer.

Whitley told the officer the sledgehammer was still inside the vehicle in her son’s car seat. Saenz states in the report that Whitley “became upset because she did not know if it was a threat intended for her son.”

Saenz asked Whitley if anyone had entered the vehicle. Whitley replied that no one had and the vehicle was still locked. According to the report, further investigation showed no entry had been made and nothing was out of place inside the vehicle.

The sledgehammer was checked for fingerprints, but none were observed on the wood or metal, the report states.

Saenz states in the report he asked Whitley if she had any suspects, but she replied she did not. He states he later spoke by phone with her husband, Steven Whitley, who provided some information.

Whitley’s residence was placed under routine patrol for the next two weeks and the case was referred to the criminal investigations division.