Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Alice Echo-News Journal

The majority of those Jim Wells County voters who went out to the polls said yes to all 16 propositions in the Constitutional Amendment Election Tuesday, according to unofficial cumulative numbers released by Elections Administrator Pearlie Jo Valadez.

The results in JWC mirrored the outcome of the election for voters statewide.

Only 605 voters in JWC traveled to the polls this November, which is 2.34 percent of the 25,823 total registered voters in JWC.

County voters came out strong for their military veterans this year with Proposition 9 passing by a wide margin. There were 532 votes, or 92.52 percent of JWC residents who voted in favor of giving totally disabled veterans a 100 percent exemption on homestead taxes.

Other propositions with impressive numbers included Proposition 13, which would allow Texas judges to deny bail to abusers who break protective orders, which passed in JWC with 503, or 86.72 percent of the votes and Proposition 11, which would require a record vote on all final bills passed by the legislature, with 476 votes or 85.92 in favor of the item.

Also, Orange Grove ISD held a special bond election this year for their 2007 Bond Improvement Plan. The project will allow improvements to all campuses in the district, for a total project cost of $6,813,730, with $6,560,000 in bonds.

The proposition passed with 65 area voters voting in favor of the plan, and another 11 residents voting against it. The district will pursue an Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA) from the state to cover a majority of the costs, and OGISD Superintendent Earl Luce has said that unless an IFA is secured next summer, there will be no bond sold despite the electionís outcome.

Jim Wells County Constitutional Amendment Election Results

Prop 1

For 381

Against 166

Prop 2

For 416

Against 152

Prop 3

For 441

Against 115

Prop 4

For 369

Against 191

Prop 5

For 412

Against 141

Prop 6

For 464

Against 107

Prop 7

For 489

Against 85

Prop 8

For 469

Against 95

Prop 9

For 532

Against 43

Prop 10

For 417

Against 133

Prop 11

For 476

Against 78

Prop 12

For 394

Against 171

Prop 13

For 503

Against 77

Prop 14

For 460

Against 119

Prop 15

For 410

Against 173

Prop 16

For 386

Against 183

Orange Grove ISD 2007 Bond Improvement Plan Election

For 65

Against 11

Source: JWC Elections Office