Nicole D. Perez

Managing Editor

The tragic events that unfolded in Alice Thursday morning were shocking to the community.

Living in small town, America, we don’t see such violent crimes being committed, so when one does occur panic can easily follow.

What Thursday’s bank robbery shows us is that we are not immune to violent crime.

It truly is only a matter time before the crimes that plague metropolitan areas trickle down to us.?This is evident in the increased gang-related activities (drive-by shootings) that have become all-too common in Alice.

If there is a positive out of Thursday’s events, it is that it reminded us that our local law enforcement agencies risk their lives every day to protect us.

The quick response and actions of the local lawmen and women is to be applauded.

Their quick actions probably saved lives, and at the least, prevented the loss of some $10,000.

The spirit of cooperation and camaraderie that exists among the law enforcement community is amazing. When one officer is hurt, dozens more are there to pick him up and continue to fight crime.

Quickly, outside agencies arrived in Alice Thursday to provide their help and support to our officers.

Such relationships should be nourished by our community leaders as such help is invaluable.

It certainly puts our minds at ease knowing that should another tragic event occur, help is only a phone call away.

Each day, the men and women behind the badges risk their lives to protect us, to keep our homes safe and to fight crime.

Three officers were injured during Thursday’s events - Daniel Elizondo, Tony Aguilar and J.R. Resendez. I pray that you all make a speedy recovery. My thoughts also turn to the family members of the alleged robbers - Juan Villarreal and John Eric Garcia. May they find some comfort during the trying time ahead and let us not hold them responsible for others’ actions.

I?hope those customers and bank employees who fell victim to Thursday’s robbers can find some peace. I?can’t begin to imagine the fear they felt and likely continue to feel.

Crime is unfortunately a part of life and we all must face it. The best thing we can do is to teach our children right from wrong and help them grow into productive, community-minded adults.

We also shouldn’t hesitate to report a crime if we witness one, being accepting of such situations only leads to more crime.