Mother says PISD is not providing needed equipment

Melissa Ash, The Premont Journal

A local parent presented information to the Premont ISD board during last week's meeting regarding the treatment of her son, who is enrolled in the district's special education program.

Kelli Savage expressed her frustration with the district not supplying her son with the necessary equipment he needed for school, among other issues.

"At the previous district I had no problems getting assistance for my son," Savage said. "But this year he came home the first day of school and told me he didn't have a schedule. The second day of school I had to demand that he be given a schedule and he finally got one. He is supposed to have a computer and I had to go as far as calling TEA before he was given one. All year it has been a constant battle about his education."

Savage said her son has missed more than 20 days of school because teachers "can't deal with him."

"They called his doctor and tried to have his medication changed without my consent," she said. "I'm tired of being bullied by the district. My son used to be on the honor roll and now he hates school."

Savage said neither the district nor the doctor had written consent allowing her son's medical records to be discussed.

Superintendent David Garza stopped the meeting to call the district's attorney after Savage attempted to distribute copies of information regarding the treatment of her son.

Garza said the attorney said it was not illegal to distribute the records, but he did collect them after the parent was done talking.

The packets contained copies of emails between teachers and the superintendent regarding their attempt to find an extended type of formula her son is taking.

Also included in the packet is information regarding her son's behavior in school and reports filed by teachers, she said.