Premont ISD schools failed to meet AYP by not improving

Mauricio Julian Cuellar Jr., Jim Wells County Correspondent

Texas Education Agency (TEA) released results of the 2007 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) report last week.

Statewide, 6,374 school districts met AYP this year which included Freer ISD, a three percent decrease over last year and 12 percent failed to meet standards, according to the preliminary federal numbers.

Under the accountability provisions in the No child Left Behind Act, all public school campuses, districts and the state are required to be evaluated on Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics and either Graduation Rate or Attendance Rate.

If a campus, district or state which is receiving Title 1, Part A funding fails to meet AYP for two consecutive years, that campus, district or state is subject to certain requirements such as offering supplemental education services, offering school choice and/or taking corrective actions.

In order to receive the label "meets AYP," schools and districts were required to test 95 percent of their students with at least 60 percent passing the reading English Language Arts test and 50 percent passing the Mathematics exam.

The graduation rate indicator was sited as the main reason of failure to meet AYP statewide, reports showed.

Schools and districts can also meet AYP by showing significant performance Improvement.

That may have not been the case in Premont.

Premont ISD failed to meet AYP standards in reading and mathematics. The high school failed standards in mathematics as did the junior high school. The elementary campus met standards. This is not the first time campuses have failed to meet federal standards.