The Orange Grove Post Office will participate in the celebration of Pioneer Days on April 19. The town’s event will include the 100th birthday (1908-2008) Centennial.

Postmaster Sylvia A Garza said that she worked with Betty Box, the curator of the Orange Grove Area Museum, and they concluded that the Orange Grove Postal Service would have a “Pictorial Cancellation” at the event.

A pictorial cancellation is a postmark offered by the Postal Service to commemorate local celebrations. The device used is a rubber composition hand stamp. This event is sponsored by Betty Box.

Linda Conrad, art teacher at the Orange Grove High School assigned a student to assist in recreating a picture of Lueder Brand, who is honored in the pictorial cancellation “First Bale of Cotton” in Orange Grove. Lueder Brand is the father of the late Minnie Louise Klaevemann and grandfather of Dorothy Browning.

The Orange Grove Postal Service gives credit to ninth grade high school art student Johnny Angel Guerra for a wonderful job.

A booth will be available at the event, at which an envelope may be purchased for 50 cents and pictorial cancellation will be free up to 50 cancellations per person.

There is a service charge of five cents for each cancellation above 50, to a maximum of 1,000 cancellations unless approved by the district manager and stamp services. Customers may bring their own plain cards, slip of paper, and blank envelopes provided that such items bear unused postage at the applicable First-Class rate.