The City of Orange Grove received $21,095 in sales tax allocations for January 2010, which is a two-month high. Compared to January 2009, the city experienced an 8.11 percent decrease in allocations. 

The City of Alice experienced a $100,000 increase in sales tax allocations in January, by receiving $689,891, the highest it’s been since March 2009, according to sales tax numbers released by Texas Comptroller Susan Combs on Jan. 8.

The city’s allocations buck the trend for most Texas cities, which are currently experiencing month-to-month decreases in sales tax numbers, according to statistics from the comptroller’s office. The January allocations reported represent sales that occurred in November 2009, which does not take into account the end-of-the-year buying season. December 2009 sales tax allocations were at $578,717.

The city experienced a slight decrease of 3.22 percent, when compared to January 2009 sales tax allocation figures. 

Combs sent January sales tax allocations of $274.4 million to Texas cities, down 11.4 percent compared to January 2009. Texas counties received sales tax payments of $24.3 million, down 16.1 percent compared to last January. Statewide, $1.65 billion in sales tax revenue was collected in December 2009, down 11.6 percent compared to December 2008.

“Declining sales tax collections, beginning in February 2009, have now extended through December 2009,” Combs said in a written statement. “As has been seen the past several months, collections are down across most major sectors of the Texas economy, including oil and natural gas, construction, manufacturing and retail trade. It is expected the double-digit declines in tax collections seen over the last half-year will first moderate with collections returning to growth during the first or second quarter of 2010.”

Combs sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their first sales tax allocations of 2010 - $405.2 million, down 11.8 percent compared to January 2009.

Despite a $2,000 decrease compared to last month’s allocations, the $10,078 in sales tax allocations the city of Premont received in January 2010 is 0.23 percent below allocations from the January 2009. Premont’s allocations this month are the lowest amount since April 2009.

In addition across the state, $16.2 million went this month to 163 special purpose taxing districts around the state.