The City of Robstown continued to see record sales tax numbers this month, countering a trend of decline experienced by most other cities in Nueces County.

According to information provided by the Texas Comptroller's Office Friday, the City of Robstown received $389,316 in sales tax allocations in January, a 150.95 percent increase over the $155,132 received in January 2008.

The City of Corpus Christi recorded a moderate increase in allocations this month. The $4,817,920 received this month was a 3.04 percent increase over allocations for January 2008.

Most other Nueces County cities, however, saw a drop-off in sales tax numbers this month.

The City of Agua Dulce received $1,551 in allocations this month, 1.53 percent less than allocations for the first month of 2008.

The City of Bishop received $12,474, down 26.94 percent from allocations for January 2008.

The City of Driscoll also saw a sharp decline. The $3,116 received this month was 33.54 percent less than the $4,689 received in January 2008.

Comptroller Susan Combs announced Friday that the state collected $1.86 billion in sales tax revenue in December, up 2 percent compared to December 2007.

"State sales tax collections have grown 3.9 percent for the first four months of state fiscal year 2009," Combs said, in a press release.

"Growth in overall collections has slowed compared to recent years, while remittances from key sectors such as construction and retail trade have declined."

Combs sent cities, counties, transit systems and special purpose taxing districts their first sales tax allocations of 2009 - $459.2 million, up 2.4 percent compared to January 2008.

Combs sent January sales tax allocations of $309.9 million to Texas cities, up 2.2 percent compared to January 2008.

Texas counties received sales tax payments of $29 million, up 8.2 percent compared to last January.

December state sales tax collections and January allocations to local governments represent sales that occurred in November.