Sixteen Jim Wells County 4-H students competed in the District 12 Fashion Show in Falfurrias last Saturday with five students being selected as top winners and two in the senior division named as first runners-up.

In the 4-H fashion show, only the top winners in the senior division advance to the state competition.

The fashion show is broken into two major categories, with students either constructing their clothes from scratch or buying the clothes.

The two categories are further broken down into four more divisions depending on the type of outfit it is: casual, dressy, formal and specialty.

In the fashion show, students show the judges their clothing, explaining the techniques used. The judges also ask the students questions to see if they understand what went into making the outfit or what makes the outfit appropriate.

Showmanship, cleanliness and accessories are also factored into the judging.

The fashion show also has a storyboard category for original designs, in which students show off their creations as well as illustrate how they solved this year's design brief, which asked for them to create a look inspired by nature's four elements - fire, water, earth or wind.

District 12 4-H Fashion Show Results


Katie Buegeler - Buying (Formal), Blue Ribbon

Kendall Karasek - Buying (Specialty), Blue Ribbon and Top Winner

Kyleigh Carr - Construction (Casual), Blue Ribbon and Top Winner

Elise Hesseltine - Storyboard (Wearable), Blue Ribbon

Kyleigh Carr - Storyboard (Nonwearable), Blue Ribbon and Top Winner


David Gebert - Buying (Specialty), Blue Ribbon and Top Winner

Anna Baldeschwiler - Buying (Dressy), Blue Ribbon

Erin Gallagher - Buying (Formal), Blue Ribbon

Sara Ruiz - Storyboard (Wearable), Blue Ribbon and Top Winner


Cody White - Buying (Dressy), Blue Ribbon and 1st Runner Up

Kristopher Gebert - Buying (Casual), Red Ribbon

Sarah Thieme - Construction (Formal), Red Ribbon

Laura Thieme - Construction (Specialty), Blue Ribbon and 1st Runner Up

Kristina Brumley - Construction (Dressy), Red Ribbon

Sarah Thieme - Storyboard (Wearable), Blue Ribbon