PIctured: Lino Estrada Jr. and Christine Lara Estrada

Some $10K also found in home on Freer Place

Ofelia Garcia Hunter, Alice Echo-News Journal

A husband and wife were arrested after a discovery of drugs and more than $10,000 during a "no knock" search warrant executed at midnight Thursday.

Lino Estrada Jr. and Christine Lara Estrada were arrested and both were charged with possession of a controlled substance. They were released the same day on a $10,000 bond.

According to officials, the joint effort of the Jim Wells County Task Force, which includes the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department, Alice Police Department and the Premont Police Department, resulted in finding $10,695 and eight grams of cocaine. The cocaine is estimated at about $500, officials said. The warrant was served in the 900 block of Freer Place at midnight Thursday. During the warrant, an infant child who was inside the home was removed and placed with family members, police said.

"The cooperation between agencies has made this a successful," said Jim Wells County Sheriff Oscar Lopez. "Working together we can apprehend these criminals."

The warrant had been an on-going investigation, officials said.

"It's a beginning of the new year and we do what we do together for the safety of the community," Police Chief Danny Bueno said.

Officials urge residents to call the sheriff or police departments when they notice illegal activities going on in their neighborhood, but also want the public to know that it takes time to investigate.