Sheriff's dept. did not respond to request for aid, officials said

Sue Fleming, The Freer Press

A Freer man was arrested and charged with theft on Jan. 14, after allegedly burglarizing a business about nine days prior, according to official reports.

Records show Frank Kubala, 25, allegedly stole oilfield equipment valued at more than $10,000 from Newman Operating Company at the location of State Highway 44 and U.S. Highway 59 on Jan. 5.

Owner Bobby Newman, who discovered that various items were missing at the company's yard, provided a list of the stolen property to the Freer Police Department. Officer Jim Andrzyczak called the sheriff's department to investigate the matter because the crime took place outside city limits, reports show.

Though numerous phone calls were made by Freer police to the sheriff's department to investigate the incident, no one from the sheriff's department responded, so the county attorney's office was called to help, Newman said.

Investigators Gabriel Loera and Romeo Ramirez, on behalf of the county attorney's office, met with Andrzyczak who during a preliminary investigation had received credible information regarding the theft, reports show.

Following a joint investigation by Ramirez, Loera and Andrzyczak, all of the reported stolen oilfield equipment was recovered within a day, reports say.

"It was very important that the stolen equipment be found right away before it was possibly sold," Newman said. "I was very grateful for their help."

Kubala was taken into custody to the Duval County Jail by agent Ovidio Espinoza of the Central South Texas Criminal Unit after a warrant for arrest had been issued by the Duval County Judge Aragon.