Plane through: Cessna lands on Houston golf course

HOUSTON (AP) — An area near the 11th hole at a Houston golf course provided a smooth landing spot after a small plane ran out of fuel and glided on to the grass.

The Cessna 170 was expected to be moved from Hermann Park on Tuesday. The unplanned landing of the single-engine plane happened Monday night on a flight from Lafayette, La.

Veteran pilot Brendon Ford says an apparent gauge problem led him to believe he had more fuel than he actually did. Ford was bound for Columbus, about 70 miles west of Houston, when the engine started sputtering and gave out, at about 2,000 feet.

He spotted two fairways. He says there was just one person on the site he chose, so he flew over  him and landed. No one was injured.

Apology over Hitchcock trustee's sex talk

HITCHCOCK, Texas (AP) — A Houston-area district has sent a letter of apology to parents after a school board member's motivational talk to some girls turned to the topic of sex.

The assembly took place Jan. 15 at Crosby Middle School in Hitchcock.

Some parents complained about Shirley Price, who is also a trained counselor. Price was supposed to talk about doing well on achievement tests.

School spokesman Randy Dowdy says much of the discussion about sex was initiated by students.

Price says her remarks were misinterpreted and she considered it an opportunity to "just have girl talk."

Price says she encouraged the girls to talk to their parents about sex, but did say "what is said in here stays in here."

The Jan. 22 letter from Superintendent Mike Bergman says the speaker's topic was "off-target and objectionable."

Two die after being found shot along east Texas road

REKLAW, Texas (AP) — One of two men found shot and dumped along a rural east Texas road was able to describe two suspects before dying.

Rusk County Sheriff Danny Pirtle says the victims were discovered Monday afternoon near the town of Reklaw and the suspects in the killings are sought.

A message left by The Associated Press with the sheriff's department was not immediately returned Tuesday.

Pirtle says one man was in the road, while the other was on the shoulder.