Margot Sanger-Katz

Concord Monitor

Two men who were convicted last week of aiding and arming Plainfield tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown will be sentenced this summer, court documents show.

The men, Daniel Riley of Cohoes, N.Y. and Jason Gerhard of Brookhaven, N.Y., were convicted of conspiring to prevent U.S. marshals from arresting the Browns after the couple holed up in their fortified home and vowed to die before surrendering.

The men were also convicted of being accessories to the Browns and bringing the couple guns to help prolong the standoff. Riley was convicted of handling explosive devices.

According to the court docket, sentencing hearings for the men will be held Aug. 1.

Possible sentences are difficult to predict, but Gerhard will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years for his weapons charge.

Riley faces a mandatory minimum of 30 years for building destructive devices.

Two other men were charged with Riley and Gerhard.

Cirino Gonzalez, who was tried with the men, was convicted of conspiracy and as an accessory.

But jurors failed to reach a verdict on a second conspiracy charge and a weapons charge.

Prosecutors have yet to decide whether they will retry him on those counts, and a sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.

Robert Wolffe, of Randolph, Vt., pleaded guilty to conspiracy and accessory charges. Wolffe testified at the trial for Gerhard, Gonzalez and Riley, and he will be sentenced May 8. During his testimony, Wolffe said he was told he might receive a sentence ranging from eight months to 52 1/2 years.

The Browns, who were arrested quietly in October, are serving 63-month prison terms for tax crimes.

They have not been charged in connection with the standoff.

Reprinted with permission.