A man allegedly threatened his wife with a knife, demanding money to buy beer, according to an Alice police report.

According to the report the wife, who is separated from her husband, was driving her drunk husband back to his home on Sunday about 9:33 p.m. when he assaulted her by hitting her twice on the side of her face.

The report said she feared for her life when he pulled out a folding knife and threatened her if she didn’t give him money to buy beer.

At one time, she drove near the police station and was tempted to drive into the station, but he advised her against it or he would hurt her, the report said.

“Fearing for her safety, (she) continued to drive as the subject demanded to be dropped off at Oliver’s Bar on Madera Street.”

The husband then exited the car, but demanded money, the report said. She gave him $40 and drove away.

She filed a report with police and the case was referred to the crime investigative division.