A 20-year-old Alice man who is believed to be responsible for a number of burglaries in the city was sentenced to two years in state jail Wednesday.

Scotty Salinas, 20, pleaded guilty to charges of burglary of a building from an August 2007 incident, and was sentenced to two years in state jail, according to records at the 79th District Clerk’s office.

According to Alice Police Department reports, on Aug. 26, 2007 Salinas was arrested in connection with a burglary that occurred at a residence in the 500 block of E. Sixth Street.

Officers were called to the home shortly after 2:30 a.m., and were informed by a witness at the residence that he had gone to the garage to investigate a suspicious noise, and confronted a man who had allegedly just broken into the building.

The suspect reportedly fled west on Sixth Street before officers arrived.

Officers investigating the scene discovered blood on a window of the garage, and blood on several items that had been removed from the garage and placed outside.

Officers left the scene and began searching the area, and reportedly discovered Salinas attempting to conceal himself in a dark area of the street.

According to reports, officers approached Salinas and observed he was sweating heavily and bleeding from a laceration on his right hand.

Officers placed Salinas in handcuffs and attempted to place him in a patrol car, but he began resisting arrest and attempted to kick the officer and the windows of the patrol car, according to reports.

Salinas reportedly stopped struggling with officers after they applied pepper spray to his face.

Salinas was transported to CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Alice and was treated for the injury to his hand, but had to be restrained again when he became combative with hospital personnel, officials said.

Following Salinas’ arrest, officers investigated a reported burglary of a vehicle in the 500 block of North Adams Street.

A small blood stain was discovered in the rear of the vehicle, and a witness informed officers she had observed Salinas in possession of items taken from the vehicle.

The Alice Police Department has a total of 12 additional cases in which Salinas was a suspect or for which he was arrested since February of this year.