When Corpus Christi Police Chief Troy Riggs was first hired, he instituted the CompStat Program to reduce crime within the city.

On Monday afternoon, he went to the next phase of that plan with the opening of the new CCPD Crime Analysis and Tactical Intelligence Center.

"We generated the stats, we put everybody in the room and started to pull a plan together to deal with crime in Corpus Christi. We started that process and I believe we are a safer city because of it," Riggs said.

Capt. Ed Shannon, head of the CATIC, said before January of this year, analysts served in several areas of the department and, at times, completed duplicate work both for the patrol and investigation sides of the department due to a lack of communication.

"By bringing the analysts under one roof, we're working together now to cut down on duplication and improving communication at the same time," Shannon said.

On a day-to-day basis, CCPD analysts deal with the questions of where crimes are occurring, what the hot spots are and what they have in common.

Riggs said by using all the technology gained over the last year, including programs such as Citizen Observer and Crimereports.com, the department is able to give citizens information about crime in their community so that they can be an active assistant in the fight against crime. The technology also allows officers to have crime information in real time.

"We're looking at both short-term crime and long-term issues, such as the gang issue. These individuals will be looking at crime hotspots and become a resource for officers and citizens. They are going to be monitoring crime," Riggs said. "It will be the central hub of information regarding crime in the police apartment. We want to evaluate everything we do, for the three 'E's' of accountability."

That includes enforcement by the officers in looking for patterns to see what the department can do to reduce crime. The department also wants to educate both the officers on what the current crime trends are as well as the public. The CATIC does this through the combined efforts of CCPD Public Information Officer Julia Hernandez-Garcia and Crime Stoppers, both of whom were moved under the umbrella of CATIC.

"We also want to evaluate everything that we do. If it's working, what can we do to enhance it even more? If it's not working, what do we need to do to make it happen?" Riggs said.