Q: With an increase in the Precinct 3 population from those moving to the Orange Grove area and into new county subdivisions, how do you expect you will use current precinct resources to cover both existing infrastructure needs and the growing needs during the next four years?

A: I have to utilize what I have right now, so I donít have to circumvent the taxpayer for more money. Weíre going to try to do the best we can with what we have. I know that weíve seen increases in the O.G. area and lake area. Itís hard, but if you look at what you have, and pick and choose necessities, thatís where we strive. We have 209 miles and more coming up, hard to be at everybodyís front door every day. My job is to keep all my roads clean and safe. We utilize what we have where needed, and we try not to do harm by raising taxes for our residents, and I have to be constantly aware of how I utilize my manpower and equipment.

Q: What are your plans as far as county funding for the Orange Grove and Sandia Community Centers. Also, if re-elected, where will your commissionerís office be located?

A: Thatís one program, as a matter of fact, every time we go to budget, Community Action asks for funds and we do in kind matching contributions. To be able to keep my program working in Orange Grove and Sandia, they said it couldnít work if we didnít fund the employees, so I, one who was born and raised in the Sandia/Orange Grove area, could not let my elderly people do without. So, with my miscellaneous funds, I put it into the employee line item and they have two employees in Orange Grove and one in Sandia, just to keep it going. The Community Action supplies all the food, and then we supply the meeting place and employees. I will continue to do so. I will not let my people do without. My office will stay there in Orange Grove as well.†

Q: What will you do, if re-elected, to improve flooded road conditions for Sandia area residents?

A: Thereís nothing much I can do. The flood prone area that we have, the flood is controlled by the water releases from the dam. People who live below the 93 elevation, and the dam has to release water based on the rain up at the watersheds. We donít have any control over the dam. They let me know when theyíre going to flood the river at a certain time and date. As far as doing something about the flooding, itís out of my control.

As far as the creek areas, the problem is that the lake area, to be able to mitigate that problem, we would have to build a bridge several hundred feet long. The flooding in the creek happens fast and goes fast. Up in the Barbon Estates thatís the problem we have when it rains, people canít get in and out. I know the problem, Iíve sat out there with them until two or three in the morning and was the first across to make sure it was safe for everyone else.

Our next step is, if there is TxDOT funds available for the bridge, we could tap into those funds, but if not, it would cost the county a lot of money to build a bridge for that one subdivision.

Q: How would you curb wasteful spending at the county level so as not to overburden taxpayers?

A: County level is one, precinct level is two. We have some problems weíre working on, trying to deter spending, and think about what we spend. At the precinct level we are able to do for the taxpayers for less money by moving to four, 10-hour days. We go to work at seven, stop at 12 and eat lunch at the site, then start up again at 12:30 until 5:30 p.m.† We donít have to go and come too many times, lessening the wear and tear on the vehicles. We have seen a savings working four days, itís very effective and we get more done.

Q: Why should you be elected commissioner of Precinct 3?

A: I will be elected commissioner because I have proven to my people the ability to do not only the two days of work at the commissionerís court, which is very important to make decisions as part of the governing body, but every day of my life. Since I started in 1992, Iíve made decisions for the betterment of my community and my county. My track record shows what Iíve done for them, the way Iíve maintained my budget, the experience Iíve had with road construction. Iím not a newcomer. I know the conditions, I know my roads, and Iím going to be here because my people know we donít have time to go with someone else, because right now growth and development is in dire need, and we have to keep it going.†