I think my cell phone is trying to kill me. I have a bad habit. I sleep with my cell phone right next to my pillow on my bed. I like to plug it in to charge while I sleep. The phone is maybe four inches from my ear while I sleep. Now I have headaches.

I am not a scientist, so I canít say for sure whether some sort of waves are emanating from my phone and entering my brain. I just know that if my cell phone is near me at anytime of the day, I know it. I can feel it.

I have a bad history with electronic devices. When I was in college I often fell asleep with the radio on. At first I slept to country music (donít ask, it was a big mistake). But for the last 10 years or so, Iíve slept to talk radio, specifically a show called CoasttoCoastAM.

I love that show.

I love it.

The radio host, George Noory, discusses all manner of parapsychology, alien abductions, government conspiracy theories and all manner of other related subjects.

I donít know if I believe any of it. But I do know that I donít know as much as I think I know. No one does.

But back to the headaches. Itís like a small buzzing in my head. It seems to focus more while Iím on the phone in my truck, or while Iím in bed with the phone.

So the question youíre thinking is ďhey Mauricio, why donít you just stop listening to the radio at night and put the phone away?Ē

The worst part is, I could listen to CoasttoCoastAM over the radio, but I choose to listen to it over the phone through the night. I even take the phone with me into the shower to hear the show, and itís next to me at all family meals, so I can look things up or read while I eat. Iíll watch shows on TV, and have my phone next to me so I can look up information about the shows Iím watching.

I read recently that people are becoming addicted to the easy access of information on the Internet. Being plugged in to everything through a cell phone creates a false sense of connection, and when you try to distance yourself from the source, from the cell phone and Internet, you suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Just like a crack head.

I donít know if ďcrack headĒ is the politically correct term for someone on crack. In fact, Iím pretty sure it isnít. But really, it doesnít matter.

Crack is whack.

Remember readers, crack is whack.

So, Iím saying, yeah, I get withdrawal symptoms when Iím away from my phone. I need access to the Internet at all times. I NEED it.

I find myself reaching for the phone with almost every random thought.

Hmmmm, I wonder who were the main generals for the south during the American Civil War? I better check that out.

I wonder how you roll your own cigarette. I better look that up.

And I donít even smoke people!

I tell you, ever since I made the change, from Blackberry to the iPhone, itís gotten worse.

At least before, with my Blackberry, I considered myself a casual user, like the guy you know who doesnít really drink but at a party, if the beer is flowing, you better believe heís going to down a few.

Otherwise, stone cold sober.

I thought I could handle it. I got this, I got this.

I was wrong.

When your daughter has to fight your phone for your attention, then the problem is out of hand. I use the phone every day for work, so I canít go cold turkey. But the moment I get home, my phone is going off. No more cell phone at home. From now on, home is for the family, and the phone is for work.

Donít become slaves to technology people. Remember, there was a time before cell phones and before the Internet, and we had fun. And remember, crack is still whack.